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Highlighted Resources

November 2023 (upcoming)


#1: Talk- Evaluating the Feasibility of a Deep Learning-Based Snapshot Gallery for Clinical Diagnosis in Urine Cytology
#2: Evaluating Image Quality and Reproducibility of Digital Scanners for Whole-Slide Imaging in Urine Cytology Slides for Artificial Intelligence Applications
#3: Assessing a Deep Learning Algorithm for assisting the Paris System in Reporting Upper Tract Urinary Cytology

American Society of Cytopathology (ASC) Annual Meeting 2023

October 2023 (upcoming)


#1: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Heuristic Scanning to Enhancing Efficiency of Urine Cytology Slides Scanning
#2: Assessing the Practicability of Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Digital Urine Cytology in Diagnosing Bladder Cancer in Clinical Practice

Digital Pathology Association (DPA) Pathology Visions 2023

March 2023


Optimization of the number of Z-Stack Layers for Whole-Slide Images of Urine Cytology with Different Cellularity by an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Annual Meeting