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AI-Driven Digital Cytology: Cancer Cells Have Nowhere to Hide

Quantitative and qualitative data from our AI-powered computational platform enhances cytology insights to improve workflows and quality of patient care in the battle against cancer.

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Manual Cytology Tools Are Inadequate

Traditional cytology methods haven’t meaningfully advanced to reduce the devastation of a cancer diagnosis or recurrence. Shortcomings include:

  • Missed high-risk cells
  • Qualitative “gut feeling”
  • Inconsistency
  • Low Positive Predictive Values (PPV)

Providers often compensate through invasive, expensive, and often painful or uncomfortable procedures such as cystoscopies.

Patient aversion to these procedures can delay or interrupt treatment.

The cancer worsens or returns. Cytology samples yield inadequate insights. The devastating cycle continues.

Smart Cytology: Distinctly Advanced, Powerfully Robust

It’s time to break the cycle of flawed cancer diagnostic and management workflows

AI-empowered digital cytology from AIxMed represents a fresh, advanced approach. Our platform helps to:

  • Reduce risk of missing out on suspicious cells
  • Quantify and qualify suspicious and atypical cells
  • Instantly share digital data
  • Reduce hardships for patients, providers, cytologists, cytopathologists, and payers
  • Reduce the frequency of uncomfortable and invasive procedures
  • Increase PPV and aid decision support
  • Streamline treatment and reduce overall healthcare costs
Smart Cytology

AIxURO is currently a RUO product.

Smart Cytology: Technology Integration Throughout

Integrate the AI-powered computational platform from AIxMed to enhance and ease your current cytology workflow.


Welcome to Quantitative and Qualitative Cytology Insights

AIxMed’s AI-powered computational platform combines advanced machine learning with computer vision to discover deep insights in cytology samples.

  • Rapidly digitize 3D cytology samples
  • Extract meaningful, data-driven insights
  • Support high-quality patient care like never before

About Our AI Technology

cytopathlogy workflow

Cancer Cytopathology Article

An evaluation of our AIxURO platform was published in Cancer Cytopathology. AIxURO was shown to support the clinical workflow of urine cytology reporting based on The Paris System (TPS) criteria. The platform demonstrated excellent performance in the test dataset from bladder cancer patients.

AIxURO is currently a RUO product.

  • 5.1% more sensitive than conventional methods
  • 2.0% increase in NPV compared to conventional methods
  • Comparable specificity and PPV to conventional methods

See the paper at Cancer Cytopathology

Smart Cytology

Digital Cytology from AIxMed is the Robust Choice

Identify suspicious and atypical cells in multiple layersRISKScreen for suspicious cells
Time consuming when prep is dense or scant
Quantitative and qualitative dataRISKQualitative and quantitative findings based on user experience and variability
Automated speed and consistencyRISKGlass logistics and transportation
Annotate and interact with the same cellTIMEManually dotting of suspicious cell
Whole slide imagingTIMEMicroscopic slide review
Instant scalability without extra manpowerMONEYHire additional cytologist labor

Our Digital Cytology Platform Targets Devastating Cancers

Data-Driven Pathology to Benefit All Stakeholders

AIxMed’s digital cytology solutions are as much about enhancing workflow efficiencies as they are about improving patient care and outcomes when battling cancer.



  • Whole slide imaging
  • More slides, less time, fewer reviewers
  • Reduce bottlenecks and turnaround times
  • Reallocate labor
  • Confidence in results


  • Reduced labor-intensive workloads
  • Confidence in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment
  • Catch and treat earlier-stage cancers
  • High-quality patient care


  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality patient care


  • Comfortable sample collection
  • Supports personalized patient care
  • Catch and treat earlier-stage cancers