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Uncovering Cytology Insights in Seconds

Our AI-powered computational platform helps pathlogists digitize 3D cytology samples in minutes and extract clinical insights in seconds.

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A New Era for Digital Cytology

Imagine if pathologists could, with a few clicks, visualize entire cytology samples (billions of cells in a 3D volume), flag all cells of interest, obtain accurate counts and risk profiles, and freely zoom from cell to cell to find deeper clinical insights. Our AI-powered platform gives them precisely such capabilities.

Today, discovering insights from cells is just too hard

Unlike histology, cytology samples are 3D volumes with multiple Z-planes, making them hard to digitize and even harder to review.

hard to digitize

Hard to Digitize

Optical scanning is too slow, yields huge files, and cannot reproduce focus capabilities.

hard to review

Hard to Review

Cells of interest could be anywhere, on any Z-plane, and difficult to spot. Even trained experts could take hours to review.

Our Platform Targets Three of the Top Cancers

Our platform is currently being used to address three of the top cancers in the United States.

Urine Cytology;(Bladder Cancer)


Urine Cytology

(Bladder Cancer)

Cervical Cytology;(Pap Smear)


Cervical Cytology

(Pap Smear)

Thyroid Cytology;(Fine Needle Aspiration)


Thyroid Cytology

(Fine Needle Aspiration)

Advanced AI and ML

smart scan

Smart Scanning

Our AI-enabled scanning technology is not just lightning fast, it's also light on IT infrastructures by using far less power and storage.

decision support

Decision Support

Using our platform, cytopathologists and technicians can instantly visualize whole cytology samples, and rapidly gain clinical insights at both the sample and cell levels.