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Healthcare is Decentralizing


Healthcare is decentralizing. COVID-19 has only accelerated it.

As healthcare resources are strained, we need digital technologies that enable regional and local hospitals to provide higher quality care, serve more patients, and increase revenues while expending less resources. Patients benefit as well: they receive better care without needing to travel to central locations.

The Burden of Centralized Pathology

Between 2007 and 2017, the number of practicing pathologists in the U.S. fell by 17%. This strains examination resources and leads to large backlogs and long wait times. Patients often have to make appointments months in advance and travel long distances to central hospitals just to receive tests.

Pathology needs decentralized solutions.

centralized pathology

Pathology: Digitized & Decentralized

Powered by digital tools such as what AIxMed is developing, pathology too will decentralize to the benefit of both patients and providers.

First, instead of traveling long distances, patients will simply go to local hospitals closest to them. Their samples would then be digitized using rapid and intelligent scanning, and uploaded securely to the cloud.

Pathologists and technicians at central hospitals would gain instant access to the samples and, with the help of AI tools, arrive at accurate diagnoses in a matter of minutes, and revert results over the cloud.

decentralized pathology




receive diagnoses faster and from the best pathologists.



serve more patients while expending less effort.



increase their revenue while expending less resources.